• Electro Loh electroplating services

    Since 1966, Electro Loh Plating Company Ltd. has been providing plating & finishing services to a wide variety of industries in the Montréal area, Canada and throughout the world.
  • Over 10,000 sq/ft

    With over 10,000 sq/ft, Electro Loh is completely equipped from production lines, a laboratory, a loading dock, space for storage and administrative offices.
  • Providing the highest quality finishes

    Using state of the art tools and micrometers, Electro Loh's services are guaranteed to fulfill even the most demanding applications, as well as being dedicated to providing the highest quality finishes available.
  • Shawn Desman's golden Mic, plated by Electro Loh

    Shawn Desman, using his gold plated SKM 2000 microphone with 935 capsule plated by Electro Loh. He is a Canadian pop/R&B singer from Vaughan Ontario.


Electro Loh Montreal Plating Finish, featured image

Electro Loh provides a diverse range of plating and finishing services on nearly any metallic substrate. We offer finishes such as, Electroless nickel, tin, black oxide, chemical film, nickel, gold, silver, passivation, copper, zinc, and more. Guaranteed to fulfill even the most demanding applications.

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Located in the heart of Montreal’s major and most important industrial park; the Dorval industrial park. With an establishment of over 10,000 sq./ft., we are properly setup for almost any processes or application needs be.

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    Who We Are
    Family run and operated since 1966, Electro Loh Plating Co. Ltd. was started by Hans Loh. We are quite possibly one of Montreal’s most experienced and oldest Electroplating & metal finishing facilities in the region.
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    The Types of Industry we work with
    Electro Loh, has been and still is providing precision plating applications across a wide range of industries for many of their clients in many industries, such as, electronic, telecommunications, hydroelectricity, aerospace, military industries, and many more.
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    Quotes & Costs
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